2004 year archive

PakMarkas reaps the harvest of its activities in Estonia “PakMarkas”, the Lithuanian company providing packaging and bottling solutions, has been successfully developing in the Estonian market. The company signed the contracts of the value of almost EUR 500,000, under which it will supply the Estonian juice producer “Kadarbiku Koogivili” and the major Estonian company of strong alcoholic drinks “Liviko” with bottling lines. More
PakMarkas offers meat exporters new solutions to increase competition The major packaging and labeling solutions company in Lithuania PakMarkas has offered Lithuania's meat processing industry a unique sausage casing which not only extends the expiry date of products but also enables the producers to reduce the amount preservatives used. It is of particular importance to those companies that have already received export permits from Russia's veterinary and sanitary inspection service to export their products to Russia. More
PakMarkas turnover for the first half-year – M 23.6 litas The company of labeling and packaging solutions PakMarkas has succeeded in M 23.6 litas turnover for the first half of the year. This year turnover was 25% larger than the same period last year, when it made up M 18.8 litas. PakMarkas plans to increase its turnover by approximately 17% - from M 41.9 litas last year to M 49 litas this year. More
PakMarkas First Quarter Turnover - 8.75 Mio litas PakMarkas, the Lithuanian company of labeling and packaging solutions, recorded the turnover of 8.75 million litas in the first quarter of this year, which is 4.6 per cent more as compared to the same period last year when the turnover amounted to 8.36 million litas. More
PakMarkas to promote hygienic food packaging films The packaging and marking solutions company “PakMarkas” made a strategic resolution, starting from this year, to supply Lithuanian traders and manufacturers solely with the food packaging films satisfying the strictest hygienic requirements, which will be applied in the EU next year. Promoting the film of higher quality the company created a trademark for the one – “SML Quality”. More
PakMarkas to Invest 4 Mio. Litas This Year Having allocated more than 4 Mio. Litas for acquisition of the cutting-edge technologies, the company PakMarkas providing packaging and marking solutions is planning to proceed with the same rate of investments this year and to invest another 4 Mio. Litas into the modernization of production, creation of new products and come onto the new markets. More
PakMarkas turnover increased more than 8 per cent in 2003 The turnover of the Lithuanian marking and packaging solutions company “PakMarkas” reached 41,9 Mio. Litas in 2003, which is 8,6 per cent more than last year. More