The automatic in line feeder consists of 4 different length conveyor belts. These belts help to keep up the stable space between the products. System is working on servo motors and electronic control units. The conveyor is made from stainless steel. Whole system is made for easy cleaning and maintenance. The photo eye of each belt of conveyor tracks product position on the belt and sends signal to Siemens PLC, which adjusts products speed and position. This is done to adjust the stable product feeding to flowpack machine.  

Product must be within the following sizes:
  • length – 15-600 mm;
  • width – 5-240 mm;
  • height – 140 mm.

Production speed – 50-70 packs per minute (The maximum speed is depending upon the characteristics of the wrapping material used as well as the product dimension).

Conveyor data:

  • lenght – 3277mm;
  • height of working area (belt) – 950±25mm;
  • width – 655mm;
  • supply voltage – 220V;
  • type of current (single-phase or three-phase) – 3 Ph+N+PE;
  • power supply frequency – 50 Hz.

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