Banding labels represent the most innovative method of labelling designed for all those manufacturers who are searching for cost-effective and nonstandard solutions. An exclusive concept of packing was introduced in 1998. Due to its extensive potential in such spheres as design and advertising, all accompanied by valuable practical features, it is rapidly gaining popularity in food, pharmaceutical, textile and other branches of industry.

A perfect promotional label
Contrary to a self- adhesive label which is directly stuck to a product, the banding label is wrapped around the product and thermally fused together via a precisely fixed place. A banding label can be used for marketing purposes by 100%. The high-quality printing reflects the uniqueness of the package as well as makes your brand highly visible.

Cost saving plus ecology
It is a cost-effective way of printing. Such an innovative method allows manufacturers to save up to 30 % of printing costs. In addition, it a considerably contributes to the reduction of problems related to environmental pollution.

Product binding
Banding labels serve as a protection for containers. Those manufacturers who have chosen this particular way of labelling now can be confident that two, four, six, and even more products banded all together remain firmly tied all the way of transportation and containers arrive to store shelves safe and intact.

Strapping equipment for banding labels

PakMarkas is an official representative of Bandall, a Dutch company specialized in manufacture of strapping equipment for banding labels. A very wide range of equipment allows to choose the most suitable model for your product: low or high productivity equipment varying from simple manual machines to units integrated with packaging lines. An option of application label printers for marking a product shelf-life, barcodes, and other necessary information is available.

Strapping equipment

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