We are trading flexible and stiff barrier films, which are used for packing food products in controlled atmosphere (CA) or vacuum, when higher package resistance against oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapour and odours is needed. The stable atmosphere inside the package inhibits growth of harmful microorganisms and so extends product validity period without use of preserving agents. The film is produced by gluing or welding together films of different materials in extrusion process.

CA advantages:

  • product validity is extended — selling costs are reduced, transportation expenses are lower, less product returns; 
  • product packed with protective atmosphere has attractive appearance, the package is airtight — the customer more likes products having attractive appearance; 
  • when using packing with protective atmosphere, there is no more need to use preserving agents when preparing products: positive image of the company, growth of sales, higher competitiveness in the EU market; 
  • packages with protective atmosphere are suitable almost for any product, including large product packages: the enterprises can develop and introduce new products into market, expand assortment of products being on the market.

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