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We offer printing the digital labels in small quantities (1 to 5,000 labels).

  • When less is more. Digitally printed labels are preferable for companies that offer a wide range of products being manufactured in small quantities. Furthermore, we are able to print an extra quantity of labels within several hours. 
  • Variable information. In addition to accepting orders for printing a small quantity of labels, we also offer printing labels with different information each, so called unique labels. This procedure is known as variable data printing: enumeration, a barcode, a QR code, and etc.
  • Faster does not always mean an extra charge. The advantage of digital printing is a speed; an ordinary term for execution of an order including preparation for operations and printing is 1 to 2 days. 
  • Assessed quality. Digital labels boast a high quality, which means that even very small 1 mm letters and other elements are reflected with high resolution and are well readable. This printing procedure employs 4 basic colours (CMYK). 
  • An environmentally friendly solution. The digital printing procedure is globally treated as the most environmentally friendly printing method as it uses a minimal amount of raw materials.

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