Packing in the modified atmosphere is the best way to preserve fresh product longer, without sacrifying attractiveness of the traditional package. When packing in compliance with this system, the atmosphere around the product in the package is replaced. This enables to control chemical, ferment-type or microbiological reactions and to reduce or totally stop the main product decomposition processes.

These machines are divided into the following groups:

  • machines for hot deep forming and sealing: this is convenient and cost-effective method to pack meat of various types, fish, beacon and sausage slices, gastronomy products, fresh pasta, fruits, confectionery products, also medical instruments, parts, cosmetic products and many other goods of everyday use in conventional or modified atmosphere (MAP) or in vacuum.
  • machines for vacuum packing: these machines are intended for packing food products (meat, fish, cheese etc) into vacuum bags and thermo-shrinking vacuum bags. Such packing allows to inspect visually the product and extends its validity preserving the best product’s properties.

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