Metal detectors
Dynamic detection of metal objects in food, textile, pharmaceutic etc. industries. Purpose of metal detectors is to detect and remove products with metal impurities from production or packing processes. They enable to detect all the metal types in products or raw materials. Sensitivity of the metal detectors is different for every industrial branch. The detectors comply with the FDA-HACCP standard.

Bottle checking equipment
Dynamic check of bottle cleanness, filling level, label and cork/cap. Purpose of checking equipment in the filling lines is to detect and remove from the production process the bottles, failing to meet the requirements set.

Weight checking equipment
The high-speed checking scales for small formats. They are suitable for weighting boxes, flow-pack packages, bottles and tubes. The weighting system has the double loading chamber. all the parts are made of stainless steel, protection degree IP65. Design meets the FDA-HACCP standards.

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