We Chose Partnership with Japanese Ink manufacturer Toyo Ink

Whilst choosing the supplier we placed particular emphasis on the safety of packaging – and in this regard, the produced Electron Beam (EB) ink adheres to highest quality standards. EB ink, with which flexible film is coloured, is predominantly applied in food industry because of its hazard-free properties to end-consumer‘s health.

Advantages of using EB Ink :

-       The dye rapidly dries, thereby reducing the manufacturing and product delivery terms to clients.

-       The print quality resembles engraving – even the smallest details are accurately replicated.

-       It is a revolutionary solution in food packaging industry for its minimal ink migration. Packaging process is safe and ecological.

-       EB complies with proposed Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food safety standards.

-       Lesser electricity is used to when drying EB Ink, so the packaging becomes more environmentally friendly


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