A ‘new formula’ discovered: printing food contact packaging

PakMarkas invested in a Comexi 10-color FW 2110 CI flexo press with electron beam curing about 10 years ago and it is with this press that the company has added UV LED curing technology to its process. Prior to having UV LED on the Comexi, PakMarkas could not overprint opaque white ink on the front surface of the product as it does now: everything had to be reverse printed as all inks are cured together at the end of the machine by the electron beam system. This meant that the press could not be safely used for any food contact packaging, so the ability to now surface print all substrates is a major step forward for the company. 

Virginijus Gumbaragis, CEO at PakMarkas, explained the reasoning behind the inclusion of UV LED in their process: ‘We moved over from arc to LED for several reasons. Firstly, low migration UV LED ink has less photoinitiators and is better suited to food contact packaging. Secondly, we work a lot with opaque white and UV LED is especially good for achieving a deep cure for this ink. And finally, LED was preferred for its lower power consumption.

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Virginijus Gumbaragis, Valentinas Astapenkovas, Tomas Deksnys