The polyolefin film is the shrinkable film having the cross-linked structure. It is soft, highly resistant to pricking, very transparent and glossy. It wraps neatly the products of irregular shape even. This film is simple for use, it is suitable for semi-automated and automated packing equipment of all types.

The film may be of two types: the half-sleeve or the band. The half-sleeve film is intended for forming the closed packages, when packing single products and their groups by the equipment of different types. The band-type film is intended for forming closed or partly-closed packages.

Special kinds of polyolefin:

  • the non-dewing polyolefin film is intended for packing fresh and frozen meat, poultry and fresh food products on small trays. The especially good results are obtained when using it in the "flow-pack"-type packing equipment, even at high capacities. 
  • anti-static polyolefin. This film may be used for packing electronic circuits, computer parts and electrical components.
  • low-shrinking-force polyolefin. When this film touches the product, it stops to shrink, so the packed product (e.g. brochure) is not deformed. This film is easily welded and is shrinking well at low temperatures.

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