The ink ribbon (also named as “carbon ribbon“, “thermo-transfer foil“ or “thermal ribbon“) is important component when printing by heat transfer method. It performs function of the ink ribbon and protects printing head against friction. Its composition is rather simple: the base consists of the polyester film having thickness of 4.5 – 5 µm, one side of which is coated with the layer of thermosensitive paint having thickness of 2– 4 µm at least, and the other side is coated with silicone layer. The paint layer may be made of wax, artificial resin, mixtures of resin and wax, dye pigments and additives.

The ink ribbons have the following properties:

  • print – clear and sufficiently resistant to mechanical and chemical exposure, heat and UV radiation. 
  • paint adheres quite well to various surfaces (paper, plastic, textile etc.).

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