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A printer and raw materials are not enough for printing labels (stickers). Software used for label design is no less important.

Sometimes CorelDraw and MS Word are applied. In this event labels are printed out via a Windows drive. This method is a good fit for printing the texts but is unfit for printing the barcodes. In this software, barcodes are entered by ‘True Type’ fonts. However, to enter the last figure of a barcode, so called a check-sum digit, an operator must know it or calculate it by means of complex algorithms.

Free software provided by the manufactures of printers is often used for design. However, this software has limited capabilities and is “binding” a user to a specific manufacturer or even to a specific model of a printer.

We advice that you should straight away estimate and allocate a certain sum of money for acquisition of professional print design software. This software is updated free of charge for some period, is compatible with all printers (even with printers that will be bought in the future), is easy to use, and features more design options.

EuroPlus software packages support almost all label printers manufactured all over the world. This software packages allows for easy replacement of a faulty or unfit printer by a new one even if it is produced by another manufacturer.

EuroPlus software packages:

  • NiceLabel Designer Express version features the least design options, but it boasts the lowest price, has EAN 128 barcode design guide, and supports a printing option from a small MS Excel data base;
  • NiceLabel Designer Pro features wider design options: selection of different fonts in the same text, adjustment of letter and line spacing, font compression, application of inner fonts of a printer for printing variable information, entry of any barcode, and entry of a picture. You may download a demo version of this software.
  • NiceLabel Automation Easy (with Designer Pro supplement) is the most powerful software package allowing you to design any label and form an application: to display user’s interface so that the user could easily and conveniently see only those things that are necessary, while the functioning of procedures designing a label (searching for data in different software and databases) would be hidden.


If your printer is out of order, it will be repaired in a specially equipped laboratory. Furthermore, on your request our technicians are ready to repair a printer at the site of its installation. We guarantee qualitative repair of your printer!

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