Wash-off labels are transparent sticky labels that may be stuck to any deposit return glass bottles (beer, soft drinks, and etc.).

Advantages of our wash-off labels:

  • Visually attractive exceptional design.
    Important characteristic of the label is transparency. The label may be designed so that the text appears to be written directly on the bottle and margins of the label may be proficiently hidden. 
  • Easily washed off 
    By using 1-2 % soda solution one may easily wash off the label glue from the bottle at 65–80°C temperature. It does not matter how long the label remained stuck to a bottle (a month or a year) – the wash off feature of a glue is preserved for a long time. 
  • Resistance 
    Wash-off labels must be pasted on dry bottles. Immediately after application the label becomes resistant to lukewarm water and weeping, UV light, as well as temperature fluctuation. 
  • May be processed in normal washing conditions 
    Wash-off labels do not get stuck in a washing machine. They do not tend to wind up or shrink significantly. The tests proved that as little as 10 labels remained on bottles after washing 20,000 bottles in a KRONE type washing machine. Remaining labels were successfully removed.
  • Environment friendly 
    After removing a label a glue and paint remain on the label, therefore it does not pollute water, which is used for washing.

Along with transparent sticky wash-off labels we manufacture matte and glossy paper labels and polypropylene labels with wash-off glue that are used for marking deposit return bottles.

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